Should you wish to obtain information on your pieces, you may bring them into our premises, where we will give you a temporal and cultural valuation of each piece at no cost to you.

We will also give you an estimated auction value of the pieces.

If you cannot bring the piece in due to its fragility, size or whatever the reason may be, we are available to come to you for evaluation purposes. Alternatively, you can send in some good photographs together with size, condition, marks and any information you think would be important for a correct valuation of your piece.

Please contact :

  • +351 915 237 617 (Carlos Moreira)

In order to sell your items, we will draw up a consignment contract where Leiloeira São Domingos will charge a commission of 14% plus VAT on the final value of the piece only if it sells at auction.
This document is important because it is your instruction to us to sell. It is your contract with Leiloeira São Domingos, specifying the sale terms, and your receipt for the property you have consigned. The form carries your personal reference number for that particular consignment, which should be quoted in all communication concerning your sale items. At the same time you will also receive our Conditions of Business.

Leiloeira São Domingos also offers an exclusive Private Sales service, through which any of our clients who wish to buy or sell in total privacy may do so. We have a wide network of national and international collectors, investors and private buyers interested in a variety of art.

We are available to advise you on the best strategy when buying or selling your pieces.

Once the auction is over, the seller should contact Leiloeira São Domingos. Once your goods have sold successfully, we will send you an auction result notification. This will list the individual lot(s) and the price reached by each item. 

Payment is made by bank transfer after the auction date, assuming that we have received full payment from the buyer. The buyer is expected to settle his account within 10 days of the final session. We normally expect, depending on payment method and collection of the piece, to be able to pay the seller within 28 days of the final session.  

Please contact us for more details on the timing of payments. We will also send you a settlement statement detailing the charges which have been incurred. Relevant charges are normally deducted before your settlement is prepared and sent.

Unsold lots will remain in our custody for 30 days after the auction. During this time they may be sold for the Base price previously agreed with the sellers.  At the end of the 30 days, the sellers must collect their piece (s).

If not, the Auction House has the right to apply a storage fee.

Once the auction has ended, we can start receiving and evaluating new pieces for our next auction.

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